A Strategic & Versatile Nashville Accounting Firm with Depth & History,
Built On The Following Principles:

Relationships Are Important.

We care about your comfort level.

That’s why we assembled a team of talented listeners and strategists, who consistently ask the right questions at the right times, and put you in a position to succeed.

We Are Highly Responsive.

We listen to you, period.

Then, after understanding your situation, we customize a solution for you, and stay proactive for you in terms of implementation.

We Discuss Everything First.

We are cost effective and honest.

Everybody’s situation is unique, so we discuss everything up front. There are no surprises.  We do not believe in surprise billing.


“When we started, we were running at a manic pace. We had neglected so many things. But, Jacobs Cohen put us back on track and let’s us focus on our customers and products. One thing we love about the team at Jacobs Cohen is they are professional but not stuffy.”


“Our company is new, small and lean but extremely successful. We needed an experienced firm to handle our outsourced CFO responsibilities, while still fitting in with our culture and being nimble enough to expand their offerings as our business has needed them. Jacobs Cohen has been amazing. We can’t imagine working with a more trustworthy and knowledgable partner.”


“For years I did my own returns, but I had no idea how much I was missing until I started working with Jacobs Cohen. They showed me ways to save that I would never have found on my own. I am a lot less worried about my plans for my family’s finances.”