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Nashville Accounting Firm

If you are like most of the companies we serve, you want a trusted advisor who completely understands the financial aspects of your business. You want to be freed of some or all of your accounting, so you can serve your customers and deliver your own products and services.

At Jacobs Cohen, we like to say: “We focus on your business, so you can focus on your business.” Our experienced team can work with your company regardless of where you are today…startup, rapidly growing or large and established.

We ensure you have the appropriate and correct accounting for your venture and provide easy access to timely and accurate information on your company. You will always have a full view of your performance and productivity. Most importantly, we can keep your costs down by allowing you to outsource certain functions and responsibilities for us to handle.

Look, we are business too. We get it. It’s hectic out there. Let Jacobs Cohen, your Nashville Accounting Firm, take some of the load for you and free up time to address the most important matters in your day.


“When we started, we were running at a manic pace. We had neglected so many things. But, Jacobs Cohen put us back on track and let’s us focus on our customers and products. One thing we love about the team at Jacobs Cohen is they are professional but not stuffy.”


“For years I did my own returns, but I had no idea how much I was missing until I started working with Jacobs Cohen. They showed me ways to save that I would never have found on my own. I am a lot less worried about my plans for my family’s finances.”


“Our company is new, small and lean but extremely successful. We needed an experienced firm to handle our outsourced CFO responsibilities, while still fitting in with our culture and being nimble enough to expand their offerings as our business has needed them. Jacobs Cohen has been amazing. We can’t imagine working with a more trustworthy and knowledgable partner.”